What do you do for a living?

The question I hate most of all! Why does it matter what I do for a living? Let me back up for a minute.

First of all I am not career kinda person. I never have been nor will I be. Why in this world do woman need to get married have kids make a living. Just to fit in this Society. Well I fell for this crap got married had 2 great boys. Had it all even the stupid white picket fence. I was living the American dream right?

Wrong! I was in silent hell! Stuck with bills we couldn’t pay a horrible marriage. I did everything right I followed all of society’s rules. So why did I feel like I was in hell every day?

I was often told go back to school. Why??? I hate school. Get a career. Why?? Why must every one follow theses rules. 

I broke all the rules! I got divorced. I moved 12 hours away from everyone. Just the boys and I. Here we go again must get a job. I call it a job because I hate going there. They pay me and I go home. So what do I do for a living…..I work.

Today I really broke all the rules. I no longer work. So dating is fun lol. Line 2 every time so what do you do for a living? Why does it matter? I stand at corner and beg for money. Lol! I don’t really just always thought that would be funny to say lol. I am not asking you for money or to support me. Society says we must have life figured out and have a career by now. Well guess what I don’t! How I make a living has nothing to do with who I am. 

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  1. I can only speak for myself, but usually if I meet someone new and we start a convo, that question just naturally going to eventually come up, if I’m trying to get to know the person more, just like what they like to do for fun.


  2. Thanks for recently Following my Blog, and I came here to see what you were writing about! I am puzzled about this Post, because you have assumed that because people ask you what you do, it has some significance. There are, of course, morons who will judge you by your work, but they will also judge you by your clothes and general appearance. I have been judged by my accent.

    These are all superficial “window dressings” of the real you and should not matter to you, nor should they matter to friends. I really like the quote “Those who matter won’t mind … and those who mind won’t matter”.

    Then there are those who just want a polite conversation. They might ask what your dog’s name is .. or whether you have the time … or how you are today …. or what do you do for a living. Those individuals only fault is a lack of imagination.

    Wrapping this all up …. choose your friends carefully, and don’t take social banter too seriously. 🙂

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