If cats could cry

If cats could cry, my whiskers would soaked with tears. The other night when you were crying, I licked your tears away. Wishing I could also cry. I finally found a safe place to stay; a place I would love to call home. All you say is you can’t wait to leave. You don’t have to leave me, but you choose to. Why do you still hold me and tell me you miss me while your gone? I have never done any thing wrong. All I did was let you play with me. I purr the minute I see you. I never want morning to come. With each night that passes, you get closer and closer to leaving me. Don’t you worry that someone might take me? What if I get lost and starve to death? How could you just leave me, and not care?

I know there is another cat waiting for you there. She won’t be anything like me. I am the best cat out there, and you have me. You’re just going throw me out and leave? Why??!? What on earth did I do so wrong? I look at you with sad eyes. I love you and I don’t want you to go. All I can do is show you. If cats could cry…..

Fight For Me!

That’s all I ever wanted was someone to fight for me! Choose me! Love me! Pick me! No one ever fights for me; they just leave me! They walk away without a fight. I am never the one!

The movie My Best Friend’s Wedding comes to mind, when she calls her best friend, and she is asking, “Who is chasing who? and what is going on?” Her best friend asks, “Well, who is chasing you?” No one was. She only realized it, after he said it. She could just pull over, and no one would care. She was the one chasing them; they were not chasing her.

Will I ever find it? Most likely not. Just like everyone has given up fighting for me, I have given up looking for someone. I won’t even put up a fight when you leave me. When I see someone fighting so hard to keep someone happy, I think how nice it would be just to have one person in my life fight for me like that.

Just like every rose has its thorns, just like every cowboy singes a sad. sad song, life will move on. I remember my uncle telling me a story about swans, how when they mate they stay together, forever. If one of them passes away, the one swan will live alone for the rest of their life. I remember thinking, “How beautiful and sad is that?” Maybe I am like a swan? Maybe I had my mate and now I am alone? Alone I will stay forever. As I aleays say, nothing is forever, except death.

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