The Storm!

The weather man had been talking about it for days! It’s the big one. It’s coming. We all waited for the storm, watching closely, but continuing on with our lives; trying to figure out if it was going to hit, or not, and how big it was going to be. Everyone did the best they could to prepare for it. Sometimes you just never know how bad it will be.

Do I stay or do I leave? Do I wait out what could hurt me? I could lose everything . Then again, maybe I will be fine. I have been through storms before and I always made it just fine.

I need to protect myself and kids, so I believe the best thing to do is leave; leave before the storm hits…before I could get hurt. If my stuff gets ruined that is fine, it’s just stuff. I cannot be replaced, nor my kids.

So I left until the storm had passed. I could tell there was a lot of damage done. So many people lost so much. I just lost money on hotels and gas. I got to spend time with my boys. We made memories that I will remember forever.

I returned after the storm hit. It had finally gone away. It seemed like it was going to stay forever. Some places were hit harder then others. It took down so many strong trees. This storm was powerful! It made a mess and destroyed people’s lives, but it didn’t care at all. I am not sure how many more storms like this I can handle. I am really hoping this is the last big storm to hit. I was fine, and my boys, and all my stuff. Next time I might not be as lucky.


Ok… here is my story how I became happy! In May I had moved in to a new place where I am currently living at the moment. It had rained I swear for 40 days and 40 nights no joke. I was working some where as cook and I was miserable! It paid the bills so what ever. I was walking my dogs one morning like I do every day. My dog had pulled me I then slipped in the mud. I guess I put my hand down to catch myself. I then felt the most pain I think I have ever felt. I called my son to please come help me. He came to my rescue took the dogs I then came home tried to change my clothes I was covered in mud. I could not pull up my pants it hurt so bad. My son then had to help me. I got in to the car and drove to work with tears flowing down my face. I knew it must of been broken. I didn’t know what to do I new I couldn’t do my job but I had to. Single moms can’t get hurt! I walked in I couldn’t even swipe in it hurt to bad. I then had to tell my boss. She drove me to ER 2000 dollar bill I could not pay. I knew this was the end I knew my job was over. Long story short I lost my job. So I get unemployment 46 dollars a week what a joke! Here I am in a cast bone broke in 2 places and no job and bills just piling up! I could not cook with a cast on something I have done for 12 years now what? So I applied to job I have now. It’s in retail I refer to as hell lol. The money is good and benefits are free. It’s actually the most easiest job I have ever had and pays 2.50 more then where I was before I broke my arm. My mom had came down to visit and I told her mom I need to lose weight it really bad. So I looked up this place that had pills and b12 shots I made an appointment and went I got weighed In I was 182.5 holy shit never have weighed that not being pregnant! I signed up same day I said mom I really want to join a gym with classes that is what works for me. I went to gym and signed up that starts the story.

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