Stranger in the night

I was walking home alone late at night. Something you have told me not to all the time. I get my phone out. I go to call you. Its way to late and I know with her. You will never answer. So I keep walking, the streets are so dark and it quiet. I can hear traffic in the was distance. I start to get scared not sure why. I have walked this road so many times. I hear foot steps behind me. I can tell they far back. I don’t dare look behind me I don’t want to see who it is.

I start to walk faster, the footsteps start to walk faster. Now panic sets in. I pull out my phone. I walk faster and cross the street. I hear nothing for a minute. Then I hear him he is now closer then he was before. Should I turn around and see who it is. Its so hot and I start to sweat. Maybe its all in my head maybe no was is there. I see some one a head of me. Maybe they are meeting each other and has nothing to do with me. I cross the street again. I walk by the other person seems to pay me no attention. Not sure if he can see the panic on my face. I hope not. Now I hear the footsteps even closer. They did not say word to other man on the corner.

I pull out my phone I call my son to come meet me. I call no answer. I call my other son again no answer. I start to leave a voice mail. I start talking to it and tell him what street I am on. If you get this message please come meet me. I hope he could hear me talking. That he knows someone is coming. I now have sweat poring down my face. I am wondering if I should start to run. I stop to look at my phone thinking if the footsteps stop then I am in trouble.

I hear nothing should I just turn around? I really don’t know what to do. I now start running after sending a text to my son with my location. The foot steps start running. Out of no where I hear mom! OMG my boys they came

I am out of breath I have tears running down my face. My son says mom there isn’t anyone there. I said maybe you scared them away. He said mom we saw you walking and then start running. There was no one there.

They walk me home. My heart is still beating so loud that it sounds like its beating outside my chest. I guess I should of turned around. Why was I so scared to see him. Was any one even there. Who was following me? Why?

The Other Cat

One day I was out sunning myself by the window. I looked up and I saw another cat! I swear, from the photos I saw, I thought that was the cat the man had said he had lost! There she was looking in the window. He had warned me that she might come back around. He explained on how he had spent years chasing her all around town. She was just never happy at his house. I guess she thought that she could find a bigger house, a better house, or somebody else that could love her more. For some reason I never believed him. I always thought she was make believe. But there she was just watching in the window. Not sure what happened next but I obviously laid down and took a nap. The next thing I knew, the man was coming through the door. Somehow he could just tell that I was upset, even though I hadn’t said anything. He said, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll never be allowed back into my house. You’re the only kitty I want in my bed.”

I remember a story he had told me about how this other kitty had ran away. He had searched and searched, but finally he just gave up…until a big storm came. I remember this storm. My cats lost most of their trees and they were so scared. Of course, I came to there recuse and got them safe from this bad storm.

This kitty went back to his house; I guess she felt safe with him for the moment. He told me, “I guess I was just so happy she had came back, I didn’t realize she would just run off again. I told her how much I cleaned up the house and fixed up some stuff. She seemed happy for a little while. Then next thing I new she jumped the fence and was happy in another house.”

If she is so happy why is she looking in my window?! I don’t share my house! So go run, wild kitty! You’re not welcome here no more! I’m not sure why she would rather run around the town rather then be safe. I have been out there for many years. You are always on the look-out. There are always bigger cats trying to get you…or dogs. I felt like I was always running from cars, and people.

I was always looking for food, and just trying to stay away from things that would hurt me. Now I had found my safe place I would never run away from this house. He would have to kick me out. I seemed to make him happy, and I was the happiest I have ever been. So go away other kitty! You had a great house. You chose to leave it…….

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