So many things I can’t say……

I love you to the end of time. No matter where you are or who you with I love you! I don’t want you to leave me. I feel like we are story with no end. Our love just started and it’s time for you to go. I no you have to do this.

Your new chapter of life begone I am not part of it. I am happy for you. I no this is what you need. That doesn’t help my broken heart. Time will fix it. I will be fine don’t worry about me.

Some day I will have a new chapter. I hope to be able to share it with some one. Wishing it was you but I no it won’t be. I understand and I do forgive you for leaving me behind. I understand I am not ready and you could not wait. I hope your life is full of happiness and you find some one to love.

I would never wish anything bad for you. Your a great person and your so brave. Your story alone will get you love. So just no who ever your with and no matter where you are. My heart is still with you. I want you to find love. I want you to finally feel like you belong. I am so sorry you did not feel complete here. Please don’t worry about me. Don’t feel bad for leaving me. I could not give you what you needed. For that I am sorry.

Please move on stress free you are free! I free you of my heart. Well kinda of I still will always love you. Don’t worry about me. Just move on to your new chapter in life. I will go on and love again. The time we spent I will never forget ever. I don’t regret any time we spent I only wish we had more. I honestly think I could love you forever. I feel if I could ever marry again it would be you.

I liked you the first day I met you. I checked you out before I ever went that night. I wanted you for 3 years. Your heart was not free.

You showed me love like I have never felt. You made me feel happy. Happier then I have ever been. I will never hate you. I just wish we had more time.

I wish I could of shared more of my life with you. I have so much to give and no one to give it to. If your stressed or sad or missing me just dance! Dance like no one is watching! Dance like I am there. No I am thinking of you. No I missing you no matter where or who I am with.

Days will turn in to months, months will turn in to years. No matter how much times goes by you will still be a part of me.

I want you to find love. It can’t be me so I hope you find the one. You deserve love. You have to much not to. Any one who was able to love you would tell you. You love like no other. I want happiness for you. No matter who it with.

I hope to find love again like with you. Not sure if it’s possible but who knows. The future we have no idea what will happen. Just call me and I will be there for you always. Always no I am here for you. No matter who I am with you will always come first. I love you now I loved you then I will love you always. Till we meet again on this side or the other…….

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