Cell Phone

Do you ever look around and see how many people are on their phone? I am not just talking about just young people, either; it’s everyone! I remember one night I was out with friends and we were all on our phones. One of my friends said, “Well, I guess I will get mine too.” I looked around and everyone was on them. No one was talking, they were just on their phones. When did we become these people? Why can’t we get unplugged for a night?

One day I left for a doctors appointment and I forgot my phone. At first there was full panic, then I was like, “I kinda enjoy this.” I sat down and waited and looked over at my son, who hadn’t stopped texting since we left the house. I look over and everyone waiting was on their phone. I was like, “Well, damn! I will Just watch the tv.” As I am writing this blog, right now, I am in the pool on my phone.

When did our phone become our lifeline? If I lost my phone, the only people I could call would be only one of my sons, and my mom and dad’s home phone. When did that happen? I used to know everyones phone number by heart. I don’t even own a camera, I take all my photos on my phone. I think I talk to my kids in text, more then I do in person.

At work there is no radio, so literally all you hear is like 20 conversations going on. Sometimes I wish we had a radio just to block out all the conversation I hear. It’s so nice at work because I am not allowed to have my phone.  When I get my break, it’s a treat to see what had happened in the world, while I was stuck in hell.

My kids never seem to understand the fact that I don’t have my phone at work. For them to go eight hours without one would be some kind of torture. They will say,  “Mom! I texted you. Why didn’t you respond?” I will tell them, yet again, I do not have my cell at work.

While I was married, it was always the computer! It came first, then the boys, then me. Ugh! I hated that damn thing! Then from there, it became the cell phone. I can say that Facebook definitely helped my marriage end. I know that I can’t be the only person who can say that. When your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is always on their phone, you have to wonder what is more important then talking to you? Who are they talking to? Have you ever texted someone and didn’t get a response, but then see they are active on Facebook, or post something. Wtf!!!

The worst thing is when their phone rings late at night, when your both in bed together. Who is calling, and why? It’s like having a third person in your relationship. It just makes you question so much; all because of the cellphone. I read online that a restaurant had opened up that blocks cellphones towers; it makes people talk! Why is that news? Is that how bad it has gotten? Most likely the people at work know better then anyone, because there are no cell phones for us, for seven hours. No music…nothing.

Our phones are used for so much; music, photos, social media, texting, emailing and even the lost feature…making a phone call. The next time you’re out with friends, or having a nice dinner with loved ones, put the phone away.

Enjoy the moment.

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