Paradise Island

That can be anywhere, really. It’s all what you consider paradise. It’s different for everyone. To me, if I won the lottery and money would never be an issue, I would buy an island in the middle of nowhere; the only way on, or out is by plane or boat. I would be rich, so of course I would have both. And of course I would have a place for my boys, and my parents. Oh, and don’t forget all my animals I will have. It would be like heaven on earth.

There would be no phones or WiFi…nothing… just living life as life should be.

That may not be everyone’s dream. To some, that may sound horrible; that is okay. That is their dream and what they want. Would I want this life if money was an issue? No.

So for a normal dream (if I don’t win the lottery lol), I would love to have an RV and travel the world. I would love to pull up to any town and bartend to make enough money to keep going. I would have my dogs with me. I would love to have a travel person with me. Someone that shares my dreams with me. I could take photos of the world and write about all the cool people I meet on my journey. I have started my plan. I bought a house. Yes, my very own house. In 3 years my baby will be 18! I will let the boys keep the house while I travel the world.

Wilmington will always be home! No matter where I am traveling I will always return here. Oddly, I have only lived here for 5 years but I think of Wilmington as where I belong. My heart needs to travel. That is just what I will do in 3 years. I can freely travel if I know my boys will have a place to live. My plan is going into action.

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  1. For what!!!??? AW left shortly after she got there too. SE was put on the register. It was strange. Is there a private chat time on here?


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