Tom Cat

A Tom cat is always a Tom cat right?…Well, maybe not? Tom cats get lonely and scared from time to time. Maybe a Tom cat is just looking for the right kitty to grow old with. He will search out the weak ones, and give them what they are looking for. Does anyone ever ask the Tom cat what he wants? Does anyone ever go looking for him? Maybe he is just looking for someone to love him. He might act all tough but might scratch you if get too close. He will run away if you try to catch him. What is he running from? Is he running from love?

Has he been hurt so much that he can’t imagine anyone is nice; what a sad life…or is it? Maybe he is happy running free. Why do we always assume that if someone is alone they are sad?

Why do we always try to change things? Maybe if the Tom cat could find a forever home, he would be happy? Maybe not? Can we not roam this earth free? Why must we have someone with us? Maybe the Tom cat is searching for something he really doesn’t want. Maybe he is searching for something that everyone thinks he wants.

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