Be a man!

I always thought, “Men have it made!” They never have to worry about anything. I was sooooo wrong! Now that I am raising two boys I understand a lot more. Men body shame too!

Ok men, listen up! I have been in this horrible dating world for 8 years! I get it now, at the age of 42. Men  I think  have it harder then woman. Yep, you heard me right! Woman are brought up thinking that men are the strong ones. Men make the money. Men always eat more. Men are emotionally and physically strong. While I was married, I remember saying, “What is wrong with you? Be a man!”

Okay men, listen up! When you’re on date,  never ever say the 4 words that will never get you laid! Diet!!!! A woman never wants to hear that, ever! That’s our job. We (women) are suppose to be on diets, and we (women) are suppose to get the salad. I don’t believe in the word diet, ever, anyway. Diets never work, and you will waste your life in that pursuit. “I am getting older and I like to eat healthy and work out!,” That is what you say! “Tonight is special so I will just enjoy food!” The minute a guy says, “I’d rather eat nuts and berries then a damn steak or pasta” (for those men who don’t eat meat), you have just returned your man card.

Is this fair? NO! But life isn’t fair, so move on! It’s nothing different then when I am at work and someone has something heavy, the next words are, “Is there a guy here to help!” Why is tha? Because that is what we are taught!

No mater what a woman says we want our men strong. We want them to protect us. By strong  I don’t always mean physically, it’s also mentally.

My oldest son, I swear, cried all of the time until he was ten. I remember my ex saying, “Be a man! Stop crying like a girl!” I used to get so mad. I used to say, “He is sensitive and that is fine.” Sensitive is weak minded, and men are not allowed to be that way.

That must be horrible; having to always stay strong, because that is what your suppose to be.

I have one son who is the typical man; he follows every one. He never goes outside of the lines. But deep down in him, he is still that very sensitive child who was told to “man up.” My other son could care less what he suppose to be. He says what he wants, when he wants. And he will call you out on something even though it might not be nice. He is very outside the lines. It will be really interesting to see the men they will become. I think all men have that sensitive child in them. I think the real strong men aren’t afraid to show it.

A man who acts the way a man “should be” is not strong at all, rather, very weak minded. It took me a long time to figure this out.

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